South Park is Goated

South Park just released its 26th season, and I must admit I am a huge South Park fan. While other shows like Family Guy, and American Dad have succumbed to what other people are telling them they can and cannot say. Trey Parker and Matt Stone continue to not give a f*ck what they say, who they make fun of, and how they go about making this show. What is truly beautiful about the show is that they go after EVERYBODY, not just one side which is something nobody else does. They call everybody out on their sh*t which is something we desperately need in this country right now. In my humble opinion, South Park is doing this country a great service, by knocking down people like Harry and Meghan Markle they are showing us that comedy still exists in this country and if you act like a moron you are going to be ridiculed like one.  I personally am loving this new season, and I will be tuning in every week as they release the subsequent episodes. Trey Parker and Matt Stone are true American Heroes and I can’t wait to see what they do next. 

Written by GI Josh

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