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South Park Will Never Die As The Creators Signed A Cool $900 Million Deal For 6 More Seasons And 14 Movies

South Park has been around longer than a lot of our readers. The show was created in 1997 and had been corrupting the youth in the best ways for 24 years, and will go for 30 total years. People have a weird relationship with South Park, and when I say people, this is my relationship with the show. When I was younger, I thought that South Park was the greatest gift to mankind. When I got older and more “grown-up,” I thought it was dumb and that people who loved the show were weirdos. Then once I got even older in my 20’s I’ve completely swung back to the show being amazing. The best thing about South Park is you don’t have to follow the show super closely; you can miss entire seasons; watch an episode from 2000 or 2019, and it’s still funny. Some of the pop references might be either outdated or too new for you, but for the most part, you’ll still laugh.

Of course, with everything, it changes South Park isn’t the same and cutting edge as it was in their first couple of seasons, but it’s still funny for a comedy show that pushes the limit. People get older and richer, which changes things shit. If I were as rich as Trey and Matt, I would be sitting on my private beach.

If you only know South Park as a tv show, first of all, is your head in the ground? The original South Park movie came out in 1999; I was only five when it was released. Somehow, I could either sneak or my parents didn’t care, and I watched the movie when I was like 11. It was eye-opening and so hilarious. “You Uncle Fucker” If you never watched it, go watch it, and here’s one of my favorite parts the Canadian War.

Are there going to be 14 new South Park movies, or will Matt and Trey create other original content. They created Team America and Book of Mormon. Of course, everybody and their brother created a streaming service Paramount plus scooped up South Park and the creators to their platform. Soon enough, people will start saying, remember the good ole days when we only had a cable box and weren’t subscribed to 30 different streaming platforms. Regardless I might have to add Paramount Plus if it’ll be the only way to watch South Park.

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