Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition: Livvy Dunne Is The Hottest Girl In America

In a world where companies strive to maintain PC marketing, Sports Illustrated emerges as a beacon of hope. Rather than succumbing to the pressures of politically correct trends, the magazine boldly upholds the principles of individualism and free choice. That is showing the most beautiful woman on the face of the Earth right now. By straying from the conventional norms of selecting models based on social agendas, Sports Illustrated champions wanting to make their customer base happy and it might be the greatest thing to come from 2023 so far.

Livvy Dunne: Let’s start out with Livvy Dunne. The LSU gymnast rose to popularity on Tik Tok last year. Unbeknownst to her, she is actually my girlfriend and in my opinion the most beautiful person on the planet.

Brooks Nader: Actress and Super Model Brooks Nader was one of the 4 beautiful ladies to cover this year’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition and I must say I agree with whoever chose her.

Camille Kostek: Future-Wife of Rob Gronkowski and absolute gem Camille Kostek killed it.

Jasmine Sanders: A German-born model and influencer is absolutely stunning. Another great job by SI.

Megan Fox: My first crush Megan Fox was in this year’s SI shoot and I can still conform that she has that “It” factor. . I fell in love with her after her work in Transformers.


Written by TFM Stelly

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