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Spotify Wrapped Season… Sucks.

I can genuinely say that I think the Spotify Wrapped thing is pretty cool. A year is a long time, so it’s fun to see all the different kinds of music you fluctuate in and out of throughout it. Personally, I enjoy sharing it with some of my closest friends who have the same or similar music taste as I do and see how similar theirs was to mine, seeing as how we have similar playlists and also listen to each other’s. But that’s about as far as I think it should ever go.

Today I woke up from my post class nap to my Instagram feed being polluted by everyone I know sharing their top artists or top songs or something from that fucking Wrapped list that I don’t care about even a little. Maybe I’m alone on this (but I think there are a lot of people that will silently agree with me), but it makes zero sense to me why anyone has to put that on an Instagram story as if I’m not going to click through it like I do every single other one.

I’ve already seen good friends and people I genuinely like post this, and while I do now think less of them, it’s not even something I can really hold against anyone because everybody fucking does it. I’m sure many people will be equally as offended by me shitting all over them posting it as I am when I actually have to look at it, but that’s a risk I’m willing to take in the name of good journalism (that’s right, I’m calling this ranting blog good journalism). In my opinion, the only way someone should be allowed to post anything is if Spotify straight up tells them: “You were the number one listener of *insert shitty pop artist here*,” and even then I wouldn’t really care.

So go ahead, keep posting that your number one artist was Taylor Swift and talk about how you’re “not surprised” followed up by four stupid emojis. I didn’t care last year, I don’t care this year, and I won’t care in any of the years to come. You’ve all taken something that I think is really cool and ruined it by shoving it down my throat. Have a nice day.

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