Spurs’ Guard Suspended for Flashing Team Staff

Former Spurs’ first round pick Josh Primo has been suspended by the NBA for an incident in which he flashed a team staff member on multiple occasions. Primo was the Spurs’ first pick in the 2021 draft, being selected twelfth overall out of Alabama. He was waived last season as the allegations came to light, and the NBA has handed him a four-game suspension for his actions.

It was revealed the Primo had revealed his funny business to the Spurs’ Performance Psychologist. Initially he claimed that it was an accidental incident due to him laying down in basketball shorts. Since then, he has gone back and blamed his mental health. I wish he stuck to the first story. It would mean he is the NBA’s second biggest liar behind LeBron James, or he is straight up packing.

NBA fans have been quick to point out the length of this suspension, especially as it comes shortly after Ja Morant was suspended twenty-five games for flashing a gun on his Instagram story. Ja deserved a suspension, yes. But are we sure his needed to be six times longer than Primo’s. Their flashing policies are definitely confusing. 

Primo will now have a chance to sit out for a brief period of time before trying to find another job somewhere else. This doesn’t seem like the thing Gregg Popovich would tolerate in the locker room, so he’s likely on his way to the Dallas Cowboys of the NBA.

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