Stefon Diggs’ Brother Jumped a Man in an Elevator

Apparently, Stefon and Trevon Diggs have another brother. He recently made headlines, but not for his athletic ability. It was because the third Diggs brother attacked a man in the elevator of a Los Angeles apartment building. The video sees Darez Diggs with two other men talking to the victim outside of an elevator before they follow the man on, and Diggs’ two friends begin beating the man. They also grabbed the chain off the man’ neck before fleeing the scene. 

This has got to be one of the worst examples of behavior from a forgotten sibling in recent memory. The third Hemsworth brother has a successful acting career. Derek Watt is one of five remaining starting full backs in the league. Hell, even the bonus Jonas brother has started his own career making shitty beats on the internet. Meanwhile, Darez Diggs just let the world know he exists by jumping a guy in the elevator. The worst thing is he didn’t even throw a punch. Is he that much of a follower, or just some low-rent Tony Soprano who bought power with his brothers’ money. 

I think the only winner in this situation is Roger Goodell. Imagine the relief he had when he heard there was another video of elevator violence involving the name of one of his best players. He was probably over the moon from narrowly avoiding another Ray Rice situation. 

Like the Diggs, me and my brother are much better at football than our younger sister. I’m sure she understands the issues of living in the shadow of two people much more comfortable holding a pig skin. But what I am even more confident in, is the fact that she has never beaten a man in an elevator because she can’t create separation on a go route. That’s why there is no excuse for what Darez did. I think someone should tell him to treat others the way he’d want to be treated.

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