Steve-O Swarmed By Cops After Jumping Off Bridge

(Photo from @steveo on Instagram)

Steve-O’s latest stunt just got him in trouble.

The Jackass star is in London on his Bucket List stand-up comedy tour, planning on filming his third special. Yesterday, in some whacky promotion for the special, Steve-O did what he does best and performed a stunt where he jumped off the legendary Tower of London Bridge.

Dressed in British garb with a UK umbrella, Steve-O hopped on the bridge railing and dove into the Thames River. According to TMZ, when he swam back to land, he was immediately met by police who detained him.

Though Steve-O doesn’t face any criminal charges, he told TMZ he was forced to spend most of his day in the back of a squad car as the police didn’t want him to promote that kind of behavior. 

This wasn’t Steve-O’s only stunt of the trip, however. Just the day before, he used a ladder to climb up on top of a double-decker bus. Once on top, he took photos jumping up and down to post to his Instagram.

It appears Steve-O is having a good time in London, although I’m sure he acts this way no matter where he is in the world. Though Jackass seems to have come to an end after Jackass Forever, I think it’s safe to say that Steve-O’s antics will never go away.

Alex Becker

Written by Alex Becker

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