Steven Adams Was The Most Relatable NBA Player Last Night

For somebody like myself, I can never relate to an NBA player. I’m 5’11, slow, can’t jump more than a foot off the ground, and I’m not athletic. In the summer I’ll go and pretend that I’m Steph Curry, and shoot 30 footers that will brick off the rim. My days of playing real basketball have been long gone since high school. So when I say that last night when the Thunder and Pistons played I could relate to Steven Adams this is why.

Everybody thinks that it’s so cool to try and pretend like you’re Shawn Michaels and hop op off the ground with ease.

It never works that way. Maybe you’re a 12-year-old kid who had just gotten his ass beaten by his older brother, and you flail around on the ground and can’t get up. Or maybe you’re at a party and have gotten so drunk that you fall over. Suddenly you feel like that 90-year-old in the life alert commercial. Your drunken stupor tells you that you can impress all of the ladies by hopping off the ground. Instead, you don’t make it 2 inches off the ground.

Steven Adams was every guy who thought they were an athletic freak and suddenly realized they couldn’t get up. Steven Adams must’ve seen Marcus Smart pull this off a couple of years ago and thought he could do it.

Written by Mailman Dave

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