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Shitty TikToker of the week: all these fuckers and their “devious licks”

So this would be where I share an example of one of these Tiktoks, but I swear to you, all the ones I had liked from the past 2 weeks have been deleted. Even after scrolling on TikTok for an hour, I couldn’t find any more of them. And if you are sitting there like “what are you talking about they are still all over TikTok?” shut up and go be better than me somewhere else.

At least I know for next week’s blog to download these shitty Tiktoks when I see them so people can be stupid in my eyes forever. I do have one TikTok that is explaining what the fuck these kids were doing in case you are internet impaired:

Either people deleted them after getting caught or in fear of getting caught… OR Tiktok has been deleting them because people are committing a fucking crime. I would’ve definitely seen some if they were still getting posted considering I had a good 15 of them liked. I have also seen some clever ones of people pretending to steal the school or this one from the Buffalo Bills:


Tag us when somebody tops this. 🥱

♬ original sound – Buffalo Bills

I like these ones. They are funny and innocent. I am specifically talking about the ones of people stealing shit that is 100% illegal to take. Again, the ones I had are deleted but shit like security cameras and computers were a few examples. I still have one of someone who supposedly got caught:

Now I assume a lot of these could have been staged or fake but either way, I am so glad people are getting caught. This was one of the dumbest trends I have ever seen. Don’t get me wrong I can get behind stealing a fire alarm or a hand sanitizer dispenser cause I did that shit in high school too, but why would you have video evidence of you doing it? The best part about pulling shit like this was telling your friends and having them spread the rumor of how badass you were for owning slightly more paper towels than everyone else. Even if you got confronted you were good because there wasn’t a video on Tiktok of you chasing clout by pulling a fucking ceiling tile out of your backpack. I know I come off as some old fuck with the “back in my day” shit but what did you think was going to happen? You have recorded footage of you ripping an Exit sign off the ceiling of a school on a TikTok account with your name and Instagram just 1 click away. 

I guess the kids that DID get away with it are pretty badass. You know what I will say? That takes balls, and I bet some of them actually did take balls… ayo. 

I’ll be here all week.

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