Stuff That Pisses off College Students pt. 2

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Class Registration-

Nothing is more stressful than registering for classes. Not getting into classes, being on the waitlist, or somehow fucking up on your time for registration makes the process a lot less easy than it should be. At my school, my school hasn’t updated its system to register for classes since the 90s. Trying to figure out how to register for classes was like trying to figure out the Da Vinci code. Schools need to figure out a way to make this less stressful.

College Student Stereotype-

Whenever you’re trying to get a job and you go to apply to a bunch of companies, you’ll come across someone hiring who is going to shit on you for being a college student. Maybe not necessarily shit on you, but the person hiring will definitely try and hire anyone else before you. Being a financially struggling college student, I have encountered a few companies that have felt this way. It’s very unfortunate and pisses me off, but it’s the truth.

Paying for Printing-

This is the pettiest bullshit colleges have. At most colleges, you have to pay 10 cents or 15 cents to print paper in their library. My question is, why? Do colleges really make a killing off of these 20-30 cents they charge? My answer is who the fuck knows. All I know is that when it comes to having to print out an essay before my class which I am already running late for, having to run to my car and scrape 30 cents together is the most annoying task ever. I feel like just making students pay an extra $10 in tuition would make these bullshit printing fees go extinct.

Written by Danny Serrano

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