Subway Sign Splits The Internet

(Photo from WFLA News)

This Subway in Georgia may have more divisive advertising than Bud Light.

A marquee outside of a Subway in Rincon, GA sparked massive backlash this past weekend after posting a message making fun of the recent OceanGate submarine travesty. The sign hanging outside the sub shop read “Our subs don’t implode,” in reference to the submersible that unfortunately killed five people a few weeks ago.

Originally posted on Twitter by user @Amanda72118560, the sign went viral for the store’s crude humor and lack of respect for the OceanGate victims. 

While many people were calling for the Subway manager’s head, others found the sign to be quite hilarious. Which, to be honest, it kinda is.

The sign has since been taken down and while the store manager hasn’t commented, Subway corporate did release a statement. “We have been in contact with the franchise about this matter and made it clear that this kind of comment has no place in our business,” corporate said to FOX Digital News. 

I’m not going to comment on what I think of the sign. That said, it’s objectively funny and creative. Do I stand by it and think it’s appropriate? No comment.

What I will say is that it’s a hell of a marketing effort. The whole country is talking about this one Subway in a small Georgia town. For good or bad, that’s something. You know what they say: all publicity is good publicity. Just look at Andrew Tate or Dillion Brooks.

Alex Becker

Written by Alex Becker

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