Super Bowl Bets I Feel In My Heart

Before I get into my picks, a couple disclaimers.

First, the research that went into these picks is beyond minimal. I simply scrolled through lines and clicked what I liked. At most, I did one Google search per bet and only used the information that was provided before clicking on specific links. That is why I say these picks come from the heart not brain.

Speaking of brains, I don’t have a good one. It’s been slowly melting the past four years due to copious amounts of nitrous oxide and non-prescribed prescription meds. In turn, I have no future income, poor grades, and excessive amounts of debt to my freshman bookie (he isn’t seeing a dime). That said, I’m usually not the man to tail when it comes to sports betting. 

However, this year is different. I can feel it. Or maybe the bean is just kicking in. Either way, let’s get into it. Here are my favorite Super Bowl LVII bets.

Final score to have occurred in a past Super Bowl? Yes +470

This is like a non-scoragami bet and it’s plus money. Heavy plus money. Look, this may be the odds chaser within me, but there have been like 50 other Super Bowls. That’s a shit ton. I’m no stats major, but I’d say the odds of an original score occuring are definitely lower than a repeat happening. 

Suggested unit: $10

Chiefs to win the game and coin toss +310

Here’s an interesting betting nugget: in the last eight Super Bowls, the winner of the coin toss has lost the game. That’s crazy. When I saw that, I immediately wanted the Eagles to win the coin toss at -104. However, I then realized that because I am so bad at betting, me seeing that stat alone was enough to jinx it. That means, the team that wins the Super Bowl will win the coin toss. Thus…. Chiefs.

Suggested Unit: $20

Super Bowl MVP: Jalen Hurts vs The Field, The Field -170

As I just said, I believe that the Chiefs will win this Super Bowl. Mahomes ankle is fine, Goodell needs a new Brady, and Andy Reid wants revenge and a congratulatory cheeseburger. The stars will align, trust me. Once they do, this bet automatically cashes. “But what if you’re wrong like always and the Eagles win?” Well, if that’s the case there’s still a chance that the MVP isn’t going to be Jalen Hurts. Maybe we see a defensive MVP like Malcom Smith. Or maybe AJ Brown shows that he is a top 3 WR in the league and goes off multiple tuddys. Who knows, anything can happen. That’s why this is a great bet. There is so much value. You have 105 players, the house has one. You do the math.

Suggested unit: $40

There will be more made FGs than TOs, Yes -175

Remember when I said I did very minimal research and that these picks come from the heart? This is one of those picks. I just feel like this will happen. I’m thinking 3-4 made FGs and only 1-2 turnovers. I have no evidence to support this claim. Feels good, though.

Suggest unit: $25

Each team to score at least one TD and FG, Yes -175

Lock. Gonna happen. Fosho. Truzz. Just ride.

Suggested Unit: $40

Will the game be tied at some point after 0-0? Yes -135

While I do believe it will be a high scoring affair that ends with the Chiefs on top, I think it will remain close throughout the game. I could see an early tie at like 3-3 or 10-10. Again, no research, just a gut feeling. Plus, this is just a fun bet to root for. It’s always active until it hits and never truly out of contention. Give ‘er a sprinkle.

Suggested Unit: $10

O/U 0.5 Chiefs 4th down conversions, Over -135

Free money alert! Again, absolutely no research done on this one, but I feel like this happens every game. Plus, I see a close game where the Chiefs give no fucks and put it all out on the line. Andy Reid is a beast with no fear, other than impossible meat.

Suggested Unit: $50

What color will the Gatorade be? Red/Pink +475

Alrighty, this one comes with some research put into it. This may be shocking but since 2001, there has never been red Gatorade poured on the winning coach. That can only mean one thing: it’s due. The Chiefs wear red, we’re in the red rock state of Arizona, and it just makes sense. Don’t overthink it. It’s time to make history. Red all the way.

Suggested Unit: $25

Mahomes and Hurts to combine for at least one passing TD, Yes -20000

Okay, look I know the odds aren’t terrific, but I’m kinda shocked they are even offering this. I mean, something catastrophic would have to happen for this to not hit. Obviously there is no point in throwing a normal unit size bet on this as it would pay out next to nothing. However, if some degen with an infinite bankroll like Drake is somehow reading this, you need to drop at least a couple million dollars on this. It’s a free $100 grand. If you’re like me and don’t have millions of dollars, you have about 72 hours to find investors, good luck.

Suggest Unit: $20 million

Alex Becker

Written by Alex Becker

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