Super Bowl Streaker Confirms He Made Bank Off Of Prop Bet

Now you’re probably saying to yourself, shut the fuck up, birdlaw the Super Bowl was two days ago because I would do that too. But we have to talk about what an innovative god damn genius the streaker was. On this Instagram post we shot up yesterday, which you most likely saw, lies a tip that was given to a smaller media outlet called Sidelinedaily. 

An anonymous source that was day drinking with the guy who streaked with his ass out during the Super Bowl, Yuri Andrade, alleged that he put fifty-grand on a +750 prop bet that there would be a streaker in Super Bowl LV.

Streakers/agitators promoting their media outlets are a dime a dozen. Whether it’s Julia Rose making a career off of her titties or the dude that comes to Oracle once a year dressed as Klay Thompson, disrupting playoff games for clout is par of the course. And Andrade’s stunt is no exception; he was promoting his boy Vitaly Zdorovetskiy’s new porn website. The only person that has profited off giving the middle finger to the NFL more than Vitaly is Dave Portnoy; the guy has been doing this shit for YEARS. What sets Andrade apart from every other streaker is he made sure he ate first, and you have to respect that.

When we posted this, many pissed off commenters thought that we had ruined his scheme by exposing him like that, but my man embraced it on his own Instagram.

Long live the king! This prop bet is 100% not going to be available on any books next year, but this guy will go down as the average sports bettor’s favorite streaker of all time.

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