Superstar Agent Rosenhaus Wrestles Shark On Fishing Trip With Tyreek Hill

Drew Rosenhaus just went fishing with a Dolphin and wrestled a shark on the same trip.

Yeah, that was a weak pun, but this video will surely make up for it. Sports agent mega star Drew Rosenhaus, owner of Rosenhaus Sports Representation, was out on a fishing trip with client Tyreek Hill this morning when the pair’s boat stumbled upon a shark. What did the man who is worth nearly $200 million dollars do? Wrestle it, of course!

According to TMZ, this is what went down. Rosenhaus was supposedly already snorkeling in the water when the shark approached him. Rather than exiting the water as others on the boat told him to, Rosenhaus swam towards the shark and actually grabbed it hoping to get a cool picture.

Now, whether that is what actually happened, no one really knows. To me, it kind of looks like the shark is half-dead. Nevertheless, the man behind the camera definitely didn’t want Rosenhaus to hug that shark like he did. However, being the big dawg he is, Rosenhaus wrestled up the shark and immediately called for a photo.

You can hear in the clip someone ask Tyreek if he wanted to hop in the water with the shark to which he quickly replied “hell nah!” I assume Cheetah is a land only animal.

Honestly, I don’t really know anything about Rosenhaus outside of the fact he represents NFL stars like Hill, J.C Jackson, DJ Moore, Darren Waller, and Darius Slay. Yet, after seeing this clip I know for a fact that this guy isn’t just a beast in the boardroom but in all of life. This man gave absolutely zero shits about swimming up to a shark in its natural habitat. If that isn’t balls to the wall, I don’t know what is.

Alex Becker

Written by Alex Becker

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