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Sony Just Said That You Are Never Going To Get A PS5, Losers

If you do not already have a PS5, it is highly unlikely that you change that status anytime soon.

Supply chain issues, or something, will keep the tech giant from meeting the demand for the gaming console.

There is a report in Bloomberg, that makes the claim that Sony recently revised its production targets (and not in the way I want) by dropping down from an anticipated 16 million units to around 15 million units, for the fiscal year ending in March 2022. 

Well, son of a bitch…

Sony had previously set its sales target of 14.8 million PS5s sold before that March 2022 deadline, but that sure looks like a target that is unlikely to be hit. Honestly, I don’t care about them hitting their goal… I am concerned about hitting my goal: Own a PS5.

Sony CFO Hiroki Totoki has towed a similar line as other companies, as he told investors last month that ‘shortages’ and ‘supply issues’ are not getting better, and that he anticipates that fallout from the covid-19 response and shutdowns could continue to keep production numbers down.

The spin side could be that the demand is actually way higher than anticipated — the PS5 did sell like 10M units in July — but ultimately, this continues to fall back onto how the world reacted to an endemic, shutting down the economy for a virus, versus remaining open and continuing to let the world flourish.

So, if you were expecting to finally land that PS5 … keep waiting.

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Written by Malcolm Henry

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