Sydney Sweeney Engagement Means a Chance to Admire Her Breasts

Sydney Sweeney was recently out eating dinner at some fancy place in Whydoesitmatter, California, when fans noticed something in addition to her impressive cleavage. She was wearing her engagement ring in public for the first time in over a year. This is significant because she has spent a lot of time filming a rom com with Glenn Powell, seemingly about making the world’s most genetically gifted child. As disappointing as it is to hear that Sweeney is planning on getting married, at least I know the reason she hasn’t responded to my DMs now. 

I fell in love with Sydney Sweeney when I was forced to watch the first season of Euphoria with my roommate and the girl he was firmly stuck in the friend zone with. From her first episode, Sydney Sweeney is a classic case of someone you get distracted watching because you’re constantly thinking that she should take her shirt off. And then she does. The only reason anyone should continue watching that show is for the potential for Sydney Sweeney to show her hooters. 

The news of Sweeney being officially out of the dating free agency pool has its pros and cons. Downside: none of us are going to date Sydney Sweeney anytime soon. I’m a big believer of the fact that anything is possible, so this is the single instant that killed my hope of being hired by Euphoria in some type of fluffer role. The positive news is that none of us have to work out anymore. Let’s be honest, Sydney Sweeney was always the end goal. If we’re going to settle, we might as well go back to all around mediocrity. 

Here are some pictures of Sydney Sweeney that I’m allowed to attach. It’s apparently as close to her as we’re going to get. 

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