Sydney Sweeney Wears a Low-Cut Top to a Pointless Hollywood Event

Variety recently hosted the Power of Young Hollywood Event. In addition to giving the Stranger Things kids a chance to attend the prom they missed while filming dungeons and dragons themed hijinks, it was an opportunity for Sydney Sweeney to be professionally photographed. It was a really considerate thing of Variety to do.

I don’t know how Sweeney is adult enough to wear nothing most of her scenes, and young enough to considered young in Hollywood. Ten years ago, she would’ve been too old to date most of the executives casting her in roles. I guess the standards are going down, though, as the Sweeney was there, and looking fantastic as always.

I really wonder what the point of a night like this is. I’d imagine the worst part of working at a high school is pretending to care about your students enough to throw them a prom. Who in the right mind sees anything promising in the next generation as they attempt to sneak in liquor find someone to make out with. Why would Variety subject themselves to this unless they had to?

I shouldn’t complain about this event. The fact that I’ve seen every episode of Euphoria shows just how much of a hold my watching habits are influenced by Sydney Sweeney and her outfits. The writer’s strike appears to be delaying the next time we can tune out high school nonsense for a good look at Sweeney. A new red-carpet look should be sufficient for all of her die hards until then.

Also, if you haven’t seen The Voyeurs, watch it. It’s not very good, but it stars the two main reasons you might watch Euphoria. Another good watch is Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, but for entirely different reasons. I just like that movie.

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