Sydney Sweeney’s Dad Hates Her Nude Scenes

Breaking news: there is a straight man who didn’t like Sydney Sweeney’s nude scenes in Euphoria. Unsurprisingly, Sweeney’s dad hates her nude scenes. According to Sweeney, she was open with her mother about what her work on the show included. But no one else in her family knew what they were getting into. The women in her family were supposedly proud of her, and big fans of the show. It also left the men in her family utterly appalled, and possibly confused.

Sweeney is actually a terrible daughter for putting her father in that situation without even a warning. She also said that he, “walked out” instead of turning off the show. This makes me think that this happened at a public screening. He probably left the theater and saw a single man smoking a cigarette in an otherwise empty hallway. When he approached to bum a smoke off the guy, he nodded and asked, “Your kid getting naked too?” The show is an utter nightmare for the fathers of the cast. 

I admire the confidence of Sweeney. I think it’s great for her that she was comfortable doing all of those scenes and I really appreciate her sharing them with the world. Did she not remember how much her naked boobs were featured in that series, though? They are probably listed fifth and sixth on the cast respectively, and yet she didn’t think it would be relevant to give her parents a heads up. She should’ve given them a warning in the form of a Ford F150 or some white person car that had a note on the dashboard. It should’ve read, “My tits paid for this. Never watch Euphoria. We don’t have to mention this. You’re welcome.” That is the type of discretion your parents deserve if you decide to build a career off of the good looks they gave you.

And like always, I need to give you a reason to click on these blogs. Here are the Sydney Sweeney pictures you came here for. 

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