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Take of the Week: Hereditary is Garbage

Let me just start off by saying this: I’m a big fan of the horror/thriller genre. I love when a movie is real fucked up and has a great twist or makes you jump out of your jockstrap it’s so scary. That’s why I don’t like Hereditary. It has none of those things.

First of all, whoever it was that decided that Hereditary is the scariest movie of all time (that was determined by scientists or something) is a complete moron. I think Mac says it best:

Saints vs Scientists – Professor Ramos' Blog

I didn’t find it scary at all. The only part of the movie that even kind of got me was when that girls head got taken off by a fucking stop sign. I thought that was intense, but besides those four seconds, there is absolutely nothing of real value that happens in the movie. The acting is pretty good, and I thought the directing was well done, but that doesn’t mean much of anything when you have a movie that is less enjoyable than making small talk with my neighbor who tells me every time I see her that I’m doing the right thing by majoring in English because there aren’t enough arts majors out there. Fucking brutal.This isn’t an argument I’ll ever budge on. I’ve talked to so many people that tell me how good it is, and I’d just like to give those people a shove down a flight of stairs. The end of the movie is that they’re all devil worshipers. How in the fuck is that a plot twist? The whole movie is just a waste of time if you ask me. I purposefully spoiled this movie writing this because I hope that if you’re reading it, you will feel like you already know enough about it and don’t need to see it. But if you do watch it and you do like it, that’s fine. To each his own. But please don’t be like the Tinder girl I met that talked to me for 40 fucking minutes about why I was wrong for thinking Hereditary is an absolutely garbage movie. Mic drop

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