Tampa Bay Has Officially Turned Into Trampa Bay

It’s very common for cities to go insane if their team wins the Super Bowl. I still remember watching Philly go fucking nuts when the Eagles won. It didn’t matter how much grease they tried to put on telephone poles, crazy fans were still able to climb them. So when the Buccaneers won the Super Bowl the fair weather fans of Tampa went insane. Florida is the state that is known for crazy shit, there is an entire subbreddit called Florida man for a reason. You add the craziness of the people there with winning a Super Bowl, and the entire city of Tampa was set free.

We have somebody twerking on top of a truck when her son is just chilling in the car, and some woman is smacking her ass and filming the entire thing. Porn viewing in the entire state of Florida spiked by 15 percent after the Bucs won the Super Bowl. I mean after you watch your favorite team win the next reasonable thing to do is to give yourself a crank.

Then we can’t forget about the streaker who “supposedly” won a shit ton of money for his streak. Well after he had fun streaking he was then kicked out of a strip club. This man is the fucking gingerbread man.

Even the Golden Boy Tom Brady let himself go at the Super Bowl parade. This man had zero fucks as he was seen throwing the Lombardi trophy like it was a sack of potatoes.

Then after a long day of partying Tom Brady finally got off the boat, and oh boy was somebody a little intoxicated. This man has been avoiding strawberries for years and I can’t imagine that alcohol is allowed on the TB12 method. He probably has the alcohol tolerance of a 14 year old who thinks they can chug OG Four Loko’s.

Boat parades seem like they should just be the new normal for parades. Brady went from freezing his balls off in Boston to getting hammered in beautiful Florida while hanging out on a boat all day. I would say that he made the right decision.

Written by Mailman Dave

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