Tank Davis Can’t Stay Off The Streets

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Welp, another star athlete is in jail again.

Gervonta “Tank” Davis has just been arrested after an “impromptu hearing” yesterday related to his 2020 car wreck incident. For those unaware, the undefeated boxer was booked back in November of 2020 for running a red light and hitting a car driven by a pregnant woman. Worst of all, Davis allegedly knew someone was in the vehicle and yet still drove off immediately. 

Despite the horrendous act from the 28-year-old lightweight fighter, Davis’ attorneys and probably some hush money led to him only being sentenced to 90 days of house arrest as well as 200 hours of community service. His house arrest was set to begin May 5.

Yesterday, the Baltimore City Sheriff’s Office reported that Tank had been taken into custody following his impromptu hearing, but declined to explain exactly what happened. Davis’ attorney then told local news outlet the Baltimore Banner that his client will now spend the remainder of his 90-day sentence in a Maryland prison.

While not many details have come out about the hearing, one can assume that Davis broke his house arrest. I’m no legal guy, but if he is serving the remainder of his house arrest sentence behind bars, I think the only logical explanation is that the state realized he’s a wanderer and needed to be contained. If my assumption is correct that leads me to believe something else: Tank Davis is an absolute moron.

This guy is coming off of the biggest win of his career after landing a body shot TKO over Ryan Garcia and couldn’t just stay inside for three months. That’s all he needed to do was stay in his multi-million dollar mansion and he just couldn’t resist leaving. Explain that one to me, Tank. This is someone who has reportedly spent over $2.2 million dollars on cars alone, and while there is no estimate on the price of his residence, one can assume that it too cost quite the pretty penny. Davis probably owns one of the nicest homes in all of Baltimore and left for what? To go to the harbor or the aquarium? There is literally nothing else in Baltimore other than that and gang violence.

I hate when athletes or any other sort of celebrity don’t realize what they have. Davis should have been over the moon about only being sentenced to house arrest for his hit-and-run and instead of being grateful, he just needed to keep breaking laws. He’s like Ja Morant, but instead of acting hood for clout, he really is hood and wants to keep up his street cred. Well, Mr. Davis please know that now that you have a boatload of money and fame, you should care more about your world reputation than your thug life. Also, cover your holes in there. I’m sure this isn’t your first rodeo, but old friends turn to enemies real quick when you see them in the clink.

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