Teacher Fired After Wild Tweet: “I Enjoy Being Racist!”

This story is almost too crazy to believe – but the teacher is from Texas so it makes perfect sense. I never really bought into the whole “reverse racism” thing (how offensive can “cracker” really be?), however, this is some pretty wild white people hate. If you don’t want to date a white person, that’s completely up to you. But, getting upset over your own sister dating a white guy is simply insane. Sure, we might not season our food the best. We’re not perfect. Even I – a white male – can only take so much Caucasian dad small talk in one sitting. However, that doesn’t mean you should resort to murder to avoid having a guy named “Scott” at your cookout. 

Forget about the blatant racism – what is this chick gonna do for work now? As soon as any employer types in her name on Google, they’ll probably be able to quickly find the “I enjoy being racist!” tweet. The only two job opportunities that come to mind for this lady are construction or OnlyFans. Construction might even be a stretch if we’re being completely honest. I’d love to study the brain of this woman. How could she have thought this was something good to tweet? I hope her boyfriend makes a lot of money (and is also racist), because she’s screwed otherwise.

Brutal look for this chick. Not sure how she thought her job was safe when literally nothing is taken as a joke nowadays. By no means do I consider myself to be some genius. Heck, I write blogs on stuff like this. However, when I call someone dumb, I’m usually pretty confident that they actually qualify as dumb. Miss Claire Kyle might be the dumbest person I’ve encountered on the internet in my entire life – only rivaled by Logan Paul after that one Japanese forest video.

Written by the godfather

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