Teams That James Harden Deserves To Be Traded To

Just by the title of this blog you probably assume that I think that Harden deserves to be on a contending team. A team that will help him win the big game, a team that will be fine with him partying it up at strip clubs. Well you’re wrong. The teams that James Harden deserves to be traded too are the shit shows of the league. The franchises that are the laughing stock of the NBA. Harden has had it to good in his 11 seasons in the NBA. He started off on the OKC Thunder where in his first 3 seasons he went to the first round of the playoffs, Conference Finals, and then the Finals.

After his success in OKC for some reason the Thunder decided to trade Harden to the Houston Rockets. There the Rockets went on to the first round three times, the Conference Finals twice, and Conference Semi Finals twice. This man has made it to the playoffs every single year of his career. He hasn’t had to deal with the fan and media scrutiny of not making the playoffs and being a failure. Sure he has had failures in the playoffs like when he choked harder than a pornstar in a Blacked video during the Spurs series in 2016-2017.

James Harden is part of the reason why his teams constantly make the playoffs, but he has always been surrounded by great players. In OKC he was with Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, and solid role players. Then in Houston he was with prime Dwight Howard, Josh Smith, Chris Paul, and Russell Westbrook. Harden has never been surrounded by scrubs, and players that shouldn’t even be in the NBA. DeMarcus Cousins, Brook Lopez would love to have the success that Harden has had in his 11 seasons. Instead Harden is crying about the Rockets being a shitty organization. Even though for his entire career he’s been spoon fed good players, and has been allowed on days off to fly to a different city and party. That’s some Dennis Rodman type of shit if I’ve ever heard it.

My first thought on where Harden should go is the Minnesota Timberwolves. This has nothing to do with their actual basketball fit, how Harden’s game would work with KAT. This is 100% how shitty the Timberwolves organization has been. They have only made the playoffs once in the last 16 seasons. That’s an organization that Harden deserves to rot on.

Another shit show team is the Kings who haven’t made the playoffs in the last 15 years. Harden thinks he’s with a shitty organization now, just imagine how he would feel with a team that was built by Vlade Divac. Other teams I think Harden should be traded too is the Charlotte Hornets. I would love to see Michael Jordan rip into Harden as he’s telling Jordan that he needs to fly somewhere to go party.

The grass isn’t always greener on the other side, and maybe it’s time for James Harden to learn that. I mean regardless of where he goes he’ll always find a strip club to party at.

Written by Mailman Dave

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