TFM Fantasy Breakdown: Week 3

Week three in the TFM Fantasy Football League broken down:

Game 1: VinegarStrokes vs. Birdlaw

Bobby – 130.22

Me – 88.34

It’s safe to say that in a six-team fantasy league, you should really never be under 100 points scored – especially if it’s PPR. I fell victim to a first quarter injury from Christian McCaffery and pathetic performances from Tyreek, Nick Chubb, and Kyle Pitts. I left a decent number of points on the bench, and in my time of complete fantasy football vulnerability, Bobby bent me over. Big time. He wasn’t gentle either. Aside from Antonio Brown only putting up three rushing yards for .3 points and DeAndre Hopkins having an extremely sub-par game, the rest of his team squatted right over my chest and left a steaming shit all over me. 

Game 2: Henry vs. Conall

Henry – 131.1

Conall – 115.48

Conall is still new to Fantasy Football, and it shows a little bit. Anyone who has watched the Colts running back core over the past two years would know that Jonathan Taylor is the definition of a shitty fantasy running back. Yeah, he sometimes puts up 35 points. But most of the time he does what he did this week for Conall: a whole lot of nothing. Clyde Edwards-Helaire may not be the greatest fantasy running back of all time, but Conall take it from me: he should be in your lineup over Jonathan Taylor. Henry’s team definitely could’ve gotten fucked this week by the -8 points the Football Team’s defense managed to put up, but big showings from his running backs and FLEX solidified a pretty comfortable win this week.

Game 3: Toby vs. Mailman Dave

Dave – 147.84

Toby – 91.94

Like I said, not breaking 100 points in a six-team fantasy league is pretty pathetic (I don’t have much room to talk) and Toby fell victim to that this week. Watching this matchup unfold was best described as watching a grown man mercilessly beat a young child (and Adrian Peterson isn’t even on Dave’s team). Dave’s team went off this week (with exception to David Montgomery and Kyler Murray – Kyler didn’t play terribly, but 18 isn’t enough out of that man), and I’m pretty sure his bench points might have been able to beat Toby this week (me too, for that matter). 

Standings after week 3:

Henry: 3-0

Dave: 2-1

Me, Bobby, and Toby: 1-2

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