TFM Weekly Roundup

Instagram Is Threatening To Take Us Down: Before working in this industry, I thought everybody that complained about social media blocking free speech was an Alex Jones, Chicken-Little nut job that looked for anything hysterical they could bitch about. I now know that my opinion was unequivocally false. For the third time in five months, we are on our last strike from having our Instagram account deleted, so let’s look at why. 

  1. I published my Underrated Pornstar of the week blog—a blog where I show love to mostly amateur Pornstars whose careers haven’t taken off quite yet. Even though pictures like this get posted by hundreds of Instagram models every day, we were flagged.
  2. Some kid was in a bar bathroom with his friend. While his friend was taking a piss, he kicked him, and the two of them started laughing hysterically. “Bullying”
  3. A girl DMd us a screenshot of this down bad, pathetic loser Snapchatting her hundreds of times and calling her a whore when she didn’t answer. Because we ridiculed somebody for being A FUCKING WEIRDO “harassment.”
  4. A CENSORED boob luge with no nipple and limited boob showing. “Adult sexual solicitation.”
  5. A Tik Tok I made googling Lana Rhoades’ name after calling her ex-boyfriend out on Dave Portnoy’s podcast. “Adult sexual solicitation.”

The Girls Drop A Podcast: The Lebron James of Twitter and the Dwayne Wade of Tik Tok have teamed up to present their very own podcast. I’m not going to lie, listening to two girls in their early twenties talk about famous people in their DMs, fuckboys, ect. usually isn’t my cup of tea, but after being in the studio while they recorded, I have to say listening to the two of them discussing the shit girls usually talk about behind closed doors was wildly insightful. Might I add, they are also incredibly talented and professional. Please give it a listen on Spotify here or check out, So I Was Like on YouTube. 

TFM Girl Of The Week:

@emmaa_char from USC. You’re Welcome. 

We Offered You Guys $80 Worth Of Free Bud Heavy: For all of you that didn’t take this deal…how fucking stupid are you? I don’t care if Bud Heavy isn’t your favorite beer. It’s America’s beer, and to get EIGHTY DOLLARS of anything for FREE is a no-brainer. I went into my local liquor store that day and asked the manager how the Bud Heavy Sales were going…to which he replied more or less non-existent. I’m not mad; I’m disappointed. 

New Merch: From now until mid-September, we will be dropping approximately four new pieces of merch a week. You guys seemed to love the Twea shirts we dropped last Wednesday, and I’m pretty proud of them myself. 

Funniest Video Of The Week: This guy breaking a $160 bottle of tequila his friend paid $800 for is laugh-out-loud hilarious. LOOK AT THE FUCKING BOTTLE GIRLS STILL DANCING. THEY HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THE FUCK TO DO. 


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