TFM Weekly Rundown

Our Girl’s Podcast Beats Oprah:

OPRAH WHO? Never fucking heard of her. A huge congratulations to Becca Moore and Alyssa Schoener for hosting a top 100 Apple Podcast. In the timeline of TFM’s rebuild, this is a momentous moment for our company. Thank you to all of you that gave it a listen, and don’t forget to use code STAYLOYAL at . It really means the world to us. Love you guys.

Bye Bye Bron Bron: Both arguments about Lebron’s playoff performance are sound ones. Yes, he’s an egotistical baby that quit on his team. And yes, this series in no way a blemish on his legacy as he had little rest and played on a very top-heavy team. If this is the last we see of Lebron James hitting a 38/12/8 line, I will be sad, but he’s been doing this since the DVD player was considered modern technology.

Funniest Submission Of The Week: Everything about the kid in the mullet is perfect. When he said, “road head isn’t even good probably” I lost my shit so much that I started wheezing and finally came to the realization that I need to vape less—the Virgin Import Driving Loser vs. The Mullet Middle School Chad.

TFM Girl Of The Week (BONUS ROUND):

@califulla & @breferentz . As much as I hate the trend of girls wearing cowboy hats, there’s no way I wouldn’t simp for them.

Logan Paul: If you paid fifty dollars to watch Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather hug it out like they were in a long-distance relationship and one was leaving to go back to college, you’re a moron. I get that streams kept getting taken down, but the internet is like whack-a-mole; whenever one illegal stream is dismantled, another pops up in no time. But seriously, if you wanted to watch an interracial couple make softcore porn, you didn’t need to spend fifty dollars.

New Merch is Wet:

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