TFM Weekly Rundown

Another week in the books at TFM. 

TFM Girl Of The Week: Originally, I wasn’t sure if posting reels of TFM Girls would work, but all my fears have been wiped away.

Heloise Hit- Loyola Marymount. @heloisehut on Instagram.

BEANGATE: Yes- we made it on Dixie D’Amelio’s Instagram story, and she has had to acknowledge the fictitious rumor I started about her keeping baked beans in her pocket. What a W. That sounds wild, so if you want to read a detailed explanation of how TFM became involved with Dixie D’Amelio you can read mine or Grace O’Malley’s here. If you aren’t a big book guy, here’s a video. 

SAE SDSU: If Bryce Hall had an ounce of respect left, it’s now destroyed after he was DUNKED on by some SDSU SAEs this weekend. We are very excited to announce that we will be interviewing one of the perpetrators on our podcast. But unfortunately for Bryce, this week, his asshole would get even further torn apart as his ex-girlfriend Addison Rae made out with her Netflix show co-star Tanner Buchanan.

Submission Of The Week: BID.BID.BID.BID.BID.

Gas Prices Continue To Soar: SEVEN DOLLARS FOR A FUCKING GALLON. Both coasts are an absolute shit-show right now. Between the insane ghetto fights blowing up on Tik Tok and submissions we’ve received of people filling up garbage cans with gas, the reality of our country has become an Always Sunny episode.

We Interviewed A Guy That Was Involved In The Padres/Rockies Fight: Awesome job with resident sports blogger/ king smut peddler Mailman Dave on getting this interview booked. After this punch

Everyone was wondering how these guys got to that point in the first place. 

I’ve Lost $600 In Bitcoin: To all my Bitcoin brethren, I feel your pain. However, you would have to pry my Bitcoin from my cold-dead hand to get me to admit I made and mistake and sell. Sometimes…even when things look their bleakest…you just have to trust the process.

Goodbye Seniors: Congratulations to the grade that made it through America’s God’s Plan and Mo Bamba frenzies. You guys came into college when Isaiah Thomas was an all-star, and you now leave with the Ball brother you watched endless YouTube videos about winning Rookie of The Year. What a great group of people. You will be dearly missed. 

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