Thank God, Tim Tebow Was Released By Jacksonville

New York Mets legend, former Florida Gator quarterback and the NFL’s leading jersey seller this offseason, Tim Tebow, has been released from the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Thank. Fvcking. Goodness.

This was the most annoying story clogging my sportstwitter timeline over the past several weeks and I am rock hard thankful knowing that this experiment is over.

First, Tebow was never going to make the team. He was literally listed as the fourth string tight end — a position he never played — and had been out of the NFL for almost a decade. So the fact that people were even paying attention to this was more annoying than it should have.

Second, I got so tired of reading all the Wokesters talking about how Tebow was getting this chance because he is white… and citing their favorite faux martyr — Colin Kaepernick — as another example of what is wrong with America.

This may have actually been more annoying since they didn’t connect the dots that Tebow was willing to sign a league minimum deal (something Colin would never do), he was willing to play a position that he never played (something Colin would never do), and he was just along for the ride, working his ass off to maybe get another chance in the league (something Colin would never do).

[Stephen A said as much… and so did Jason Whitlock, and most everyone that isn’t worried about twitter clout, FWIW]

The whole thing was a circus and it made me irrationally hate a totally irrelevant football franchise.

We all got to see Tebow miss a block the other day.

We also saw him suck a second time … the next day …

Apparently the Jaguars finally figured out what we all knew: Tim Tebow wasn’t an NFL tight end.

Hopefully people will shut the fvck up about it.

Written by Malcolm Henry

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