The 10 Funniest Videos on The Internet

There are likely funnier videos on the internet right now. But if I were pressured to play my coworkers a funny video in a high pressure office situation, I would show them these videos.

Silicon Valley: Tip to Tip Efficiency

I honestly couldn’t get into this show. That being said, this is one of the funniest bits in tv history, and you don’t even need context for it. It’s four guys creating an detailed algorithm to determine how long it would take to pleasure a room full of men.

Tim Robinson Postal Service Auditions

Tim Robinson is the funniest person alive. During covid, when everyone else was getting fat and watching The Last Dance, he was making comedy. This is a fake audition for him and his seventeen friends to join a band. 

Two Bears One Cave: For Jennifer Aniston’s Safety

Yes, the machine story is funny. But what’s even funnier is watching Tom Segura and Bert Kreischer laugh for five minutes straight as they accidentally threaten Jennifer Aniston on their podcast. 

Bad Friends: Bottoms of Turtle Island

After the first twenty-four minutes of this episode, Bobby Lee and Andrew Santino create an idea for a horror movie on the fly for the rest of the episode. It’s the best podcast episode ever by a wide margin. 

The League: Best of Rafi

RAFI BOMB! Maybe the funniest character in tv history. Every other line of his is laugh out loud funny. 

Curb Your Enthusiasm: Leon and Watermelon

Curb Your Enthusiasm could take up half of the spots on the list. This is definitely not the funniest Curb bit of all time. But Leon is too funny, and the storyline about him being too embarrassed to eat watermelon is one of the funniest things Larry David has ever come up with. 

Chapelle Show: Clayton Bigsby

My dad didn’t show this to me when I was young because he said I quoted stuff too much. Probably a good call. This video is still an all-time great though. 

Gilly and Keeves: Grill Sergeant

Shane Gillis personifies Pennsylvania trash in a way that I appreciate. His stand-up is pretty incredible, but him playing Guy Fieri with PTSD is funnier than nine out of ten farts. 

Chris Distefano’s 9/11 Story

Chris Distefano is pretty funny. Check him out if you haven’t heard of him, but start with this video. He caught lightning in a bottle talking about the dealing with the emotions of being in New York for 9/11, while dealing with intense road rage. 

Drinkin’ Out of Cups

To finish off the list, the funniest video in the history of the internet. 5, 6, 4, 3. Yeah, right. 

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