The 19 Funniest Videos To Watch When You’re High

People always talk about the immense pressures of being on an aux cord, but I think it pales in comparison to the pressures facing the kid with a Roku remote after the entire room has gotten high. Already an anxious smoker, I HATE looking over to make sure the boys are riding with the video I insisted that they put on. So, I’ve made a collective list of the nineteen best videos that never miss. You’ve most likely seen most, but probably not all.

19. How To Catch A Predator Greatest Hits

The disparity between Chris Hansen’s monotone voice and a collection of the world’s biggest perverts isn’t supposed to be funny…but I can’t explain it, it just is. Seeing the lives of humongous pieces of shit unravel adds another layer to an already ridiculous plot for a television show. There’s a lot of debate out there for which one of these is the greatest , but at the end of the day you have to go with the guy that walked into, what he believed to be a teenager girl’s house, completely naked.

18. Sippin’ Out Of Cups

Watched this one time about four years ago, haven’t stopped saying “get real” since.

17. Artie Lange on Joe Buck Live

In 2009, Joe Buck inked a deal to get his own HBO show. It lasted three episodes. This video is why. Yes, it makes you want to crawl out of your own skin because of how awkward it is, but I think it’s one of Artie’s greatest moments.

16. Chapelle Show Racial Draft

Anything from Chapelle Show should be classified as A1. At this point, Dave Chapelle has distanced himself as the greatest comedian of all time. Sure, you might like somebody better, but I don’t think anybody has ever hit time and time after again like Chapelle. I’d consider him the Wayne Gretzgy of comedy. “Racial Draft” is a little dated in its references, but it’s still good for two or three laughs out loud.

15. Curb Your Joe Rogan

A top 5 iconic moment in JRE history. It’s length keeps it from a better rank, but god damn that’s good stuff.

14. 33 Minutes of Bill Burr

For years, Bill Burr has been the voice for every Irish-American guy that’s not a cuck. I could watch Bill Burr be frustrated on stage for hours, but a thirty-three minute compilation of his greatest hits is good enough for me.

13. Nick Colletti Vine Compilation

Nick Colletti’s vines were funny when I was fifteen, they are funny now, and they will be funny when I’m old and grey. There are a select few people that could find a way to create hilarious sketches in the time it takes for a girl to get off of your dick when she’s on top, and Nick Colletti was the best of the bunch.

12. Unforgivable

Not very quotable if you’re a white guy, but a classic nonetheless. It makes no sense, the video quality is awful, and nobody knows why it’s in black in white…it’s the epitome of early YouTube gold.

11. ball champions

Kyle Mooney’s comedic genius deserves so much more than Mike Pence fly skits and Nancy Pelosi impressions.

10. Chapelle Show: Clayton Bigsby


9. Real Bros of Simi Valley

Out of everything he’s done, this is TFM alumnus Jimmy Tatro’s best work (IMO). The conjunction of Jimmy’s writing ability and the cast puts Real Bros in a category of its own. Obviously, it’s on Facebook Watch now, and I’m sure all of the talented people that work on this do just find, but HOW THE FUCK has Comedy Central not picked this up yet?

8. Joe Rogan meets Joe Rogan

I don’t know who put this together, but they did an incredible job. This goes viral on Twitter once a month for good reason.

7. Charlie Kelly Illiteracy Compilation

Keeping Charlie Kelly illiterate through fourteen seasons JUST edges out Dennis Reynolds being a pseudo-rapist. Of all the bizarre Always Sunny character qualities, Charlie not knowing how to read or write is the fan favorite.

6. Eric Andre Interviews Lauren Conrad

The Eric Andre Show is up there with Rick and Morty for the most stereotypical things people watch after ripping bong, and it’s for good reason. This is the best episode, though.

5. Curb Your Enthusiasm The Blacks Have Had Enough Of LD

If you haven’t seen this episode, watch it. It trumps Krazy-Eyez Killa.

4. Burger King Foot Lettuce

The most quotable YouTube video of all time. I don’t need to describe to you how funny it is that the original creator of this video didn’t intend to be comedic, he just talks this way.

3. Tobias Fünke: Daddy Needs To Get His Rocks Off

I agree with the vast majority of people that didn’t like the later seasons of Arrested Development. It’s impossible to recreate what they did in the first three seasons. With that being said, I think this is the best scene is the history of the show. Peak Tobias Fünke.

2. The Pirate Porn Saga

Some people like the pizza reviews, some people like the unapologetic-flamboyant personality, and some people like Dave Portnoy for his podcast with a senior in high school. This is the Dave Portnoy that I like. Old school Barstool Sports in a shitty basement, arguing over something that could have been small, that Dave spent time investigating.

  1. Gay Greg Curb Your Enthusiasm

If you can’t laugh at an obnoxiously-gay six year old sewing a pillow shame of a swastika, I can’t help you.

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