The 3 Worst Sports to Bet On

A man poses for a photograph with the online gambling website Bet365 displayed on a smartphone, in London on December 18, 2019. - Denise Coates, chief executive of British online betting giant Bet365, has retained her place as Britain's highest-paid boss, according to the group's annual report published on Wednesday. She was paid a basic salary of £277 million ($366 million, 328 million euros) in the group's financial year to March, the company's annual report showed. (Photo by Paul ELLIS / AFP) (Photo by PAUL ELLIS/AFP via Getty Images)

When it comes to betting, there are 100% easier sports to wager money on then others. Even if you are extremely knowledgeable about a certain sport, sometimes weird things happen, and there are some sports where weird things happen way more often.

One of the worst sports to bet on, and definitely one of my least favorite, is basketball, specifically the NBA (I love betting NCAA). I can’t even explain how many times I have had an NBA favorite added in as a kicker in a parlay, and what should be the easiest win is always the one that loses. Sure, there are some games where you can pretty easily predict the winner, but at that point there’s no value in the pick, and NBA spreads are impossible. It’s tough because it’s not so much of a team sport compared to something like football or hockey. All it takes is 1 person on an NBA team to play really well, and your bet will be screwed, or vice versa.

Another sport that I absolutely despise betting on is baseball. The MLB is also just too unpredictable to be consistent. Bad teams will beat good teams all the time, and good teams will lose when they aren’t supposed to. Yes, this happens in every sport, but it happens in baseball all the time. I also just hate watching. Unless it’s playoff baseball, or I have money on it, I really don’t have much interest at all. 

The final sport that is tough to bet on is hockey. Even though I absolutely love betting on the NHL, any team can win on any given night. Hockey may truly be the most unpredictable sport, but I still love betting on it. There is so much value in the puck line because it doesn’t move, and more often than not a team will score an empty netter and hit it. I also love how the over/under line doesn’t move either. This makes it manageable, and honestly really fun. If you’re thinking of parlaying games though, I wouldn’t. It’s so hard considering how often favorites lose in the NHL.

Written by Jett

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