The 3 Worst Things Celebrities Do

(COMBO) This combination of pictures created on February 8, 2022 shows Spanish actress Penelope Cruz on February 09, 2020, US actress Jessica Chastain on October 14, 2021, British actress Olivia Colman on February 09, 2020, US actress Kristen Stewart on January 07, 2020, US-Australian actress Nicole Kidman on January 12, 2020, US director Paul Thomas Anderson on January 26, 2015, Director Kenneth Branagh on November 08, 2021, Japanese director Ryusuke Hamaguchi on July 17, 2021, New Zealand director Jane Campion on October 15, 2021, and US director Steven Spielberg on March 21, 2018, US-British actor Andrew Garfield on November 18, 2021, British actor Benedict Cumberbatch on September 02, 2021, US actor Denzel Washington on January 13, 2022, Spanish actor Javier Bardem on December 06, 2021 and US actor Will Smith on January 08, 2020. - Jane Campion's gothic Western "The Power of the Dog" led the Oscars nominations February 8, 2022, fending off a crowded field of movies from a year in which Covid-weary audiences slowly headed back into movie theaters. (Photo by AFP) (Photo by VALERIE MACON,JEAN-BAPTISTE LACROIX,ROBYN BECK,TIZIANA FABI,LISA O'CONNOR,GABRIEL BOUYS,MICHAEL TRAN,MIGUEL MEDINA,ALBERTO PIZZOLI,PHILIPPE DESMAZES,JOHN MACDOUGALL/AFP via Getty Images)

Politics: Unless I’m mistaken, Juilliard isn’t known for its political science program, so shut the fuck up. You aren’t the voice for anyone in this country. Stop tweeting at people who they should vote for from the tennis court of your Beverly Hills mansion. I don’t need Katy Perry’s opinions on tariffs; I need her to go back to making music about having a love affair with an alien. Hot people should never even hold political office. Look at Canada…this is what happens when a Hollister model gets to make geopolitical decisions.

Crypto Shit: I’m not fucking Kathy Wood, but I believe in crypto. I think we can all agree that having a form of decentralized banking would benefit our society. That being said, these pumps and dumps need to relax. If I was a Dad that worked his ass off for twenty-something years, I wouldn’t want my son going into my ex-wife’s purse and putting a quarter of my 401k on NELK NFTs.

Apologizing: This is more so for the younger generation, as the Metaverse is flopping, and celebrity status is moving to Tik Tok because people no longer have attention spans. I see these seventeen-year-old kids who got famous for semi-erotically dancing to Bruno Mars, apologizing over their every action. To the best of my knowledge, Charli D’Amelio isn’t locking kids up in cages or insider trading; she’s flailing around like the inflatable guy outside a used car lot. Let the kids live. I understand that Glossier isn’t going to pay for lip fillers anymore if these celebrities don’t apologize, but you’re allowed to make mistakes. The people that own the companies directly supporting you buy children on Ebay…so just be yourself.

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