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The 6 Types of Roommates

We have all had the nightmare of hating our roommate. How did we get stuck with them? How did this even happen. Most of the time you would be friends if you two didn’t live together. On the other hand, the luckiest of us, have lived with friends for life. Here are the six types roommates I’ve seen.

The One Who Never Leaves

They are always there. Always in the living room. Never leave the couch. If you’re waiting for them to leave to go poop, you will hold it forever. They have made themselves nice and comfy in your shared space. Privacy is a thing of the past. You sort of feel like a guest in their home, since they are the ones with their things everywhere. Since they never leave the home, they usually have their friends over. This can be a nightmare. Get ready for loud music and hiding your room when their friends are over.

The Ghost Roommate

Do you even have a roommate? I’m not sure. They might have moved out months ago. Sometimes their dishes are in the sink and that’s the only proof they still live here. It’s like living with a ghost. This can be ideal. However, if you hate being alone, you got to go out and find friends. If your ghost roommate is popular or cool, this can suck. You will constantly feel left out. On the other hand, if you and your roommate are not hitting it off or you are super introverted, this is a wonderful situation.

The Roommate Who With No Self-Awareness

this roommate cannot read a room. They will eat your food, take your clothes, never refill the Brita, and leave dishes for weeks. You can try to ask them to clean up. You can try to be passive-aggressive. You can even try being aggressive. Somehow, nothing get’s better. The apartment will still be gross and your things will still go missing. Your roommate will never think anything of it. Start hiding your alcohol!!!! Pick a really good spot, because your roommate has no problem going into your room without permission. The good news about this roomie is when your things go missing they aren’t stolen, they’re just in their room somewhere.

The Roommate Staring Leighton Meester – AKA The Identity Theft

I’ve never seen this film. But I have seen this in real life. All of a sudden your roommate is flirting with the guy you like. You see photos of your friend group hanging out with your roommate and you were not invited. They start dressing like you. They dye their hair your color. They become best friends with your big. It’s confusing and honestly…. terrifying. But let me say, they are the Walmart version of you. People will see it eventually and the ones who don’t have bad taste.

The Danny Tanner

Did you accidentally leave your shoes in the living room? HOW DARE YOU. This roommate is very stressed out. If you don’t put the sriracha back into the mini-fridge exactly how it was before… game over. This roommate might even be super cool, but they manage stress by being insanely clean. It’s exhausting. Just remember, their stress says more about you than them! Or maybe you’re super nasty and dirty.

The Bestie

You’re inseparable and you honestly want to become life partners. This is a bestie for life. The only thing that could ever come in-between these two…. is a boy. This is the saddest thing to see. One bestie starts dating the other bestie’s ex-boyfriend. One bestie hooks up with the other bestie’s crush. If you’re in a bestie relationship, stay away from those toxic boys!!!

Written by Caroline Bano

Super boring girl with mediocre personality....but I'm hot. Read my blog. NYC.

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