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Shitty Tiktoker of the week: Swagmodovars family

This family has gotten famous by stealing jokes. The Swagmodovar family is one of these content families. You know, the families where they make half-assed jokes but are somehow insanely rich and well-liked. To be clear, I don’t have a problem with these kinds of families. I have a problem with the “content” that they churn out on a daily basis.

At first glance, The Swagmodovars may seem pretty innocent because you may only see one of their videos of the dad reenacting a Kevin Hart joke. But, that is all of their videos. Every single video is one or two members of the family acting out a comedian’s joke and I hate this for multiple reasons.

First of all, its one thing to do this with your family as a cute fun way to bond, but the fact that these people have gotten over a million followers JUST by doing this is insane. Every single video on their page is a different comedian’s joke with their stupid faces “acting” it out. That’s the other thing. I hate people that think lip-syncing makes you an actor. I have seen so many people on Tiktok who have “actor” in their bio and all they do is lip-sync a 5-second scene from The Notebook. They had the comfort and availability of being in their own home with no pressure or other people to worry about and saying “I still love you” slightly teary-eyed into a phone. 

This family isn’t technically stealing jokes, but to have gained a following and making money off of what someone else put a lot of time and effort into seems a little rude. This family reminds me of a comedian named Carlos Mencia who is notorious for stealing other people’s jokes and “remixing” them for his audience. That is what I think is happening with the Swagmodovar family. They are stealing other comedians’ jokes and “remixing” them by using their faces and their… I guess physicalities for their audience. At the end of the day, it’s pretty harmless. I don’t think they are hurting Kevin Hart’s career by using his jokes like Carlos Mencia was doing, but it still seems off that other people’s material is THE ONLY popular content on your page.

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