The Australian Rugby Team Can’t Stop Partying. Their Next Victim The Plane Ride Home

It was only yesterday when I wrote about the Australian Rugby team destroying rooms in the Olympic village; their next victim, the airplane, on their way back to Australia.

These crazy bastards kept the party going after a night fueled by an insane amount of alcohol, and I’m guessing, orgies. Instead of the rowing team, who were probably all rich fucks this time, the soccer team was partying with the rugby players. Soccer players roll around like they were sniped by a 50 cal after being brushed by an opposing player. Are they an annoying dramatic drunk? You know, the drunk I’m talking about they have a disagreement with their partner, and it’s the end of the world they are going to be single forever cause of the fight. Or they get ignored by the bartender and act as if the entire world is against them. Nobody likes that drunk, so hopefully, the soccer players keep the dramatics for the field.

The Australian news is doing a great job covering the debauchery that their rugby team is up to. Ignoring crew warnings, have you ever tried to stop an intoxicated rugby player? First of all, they are normally giant humans. Secondly, they do whatever the fuck they want. And if partying and getting drunk on the plane is what they want to do, they’ll do it. My favorite part is leaving a bathroom un-usable. What does that even mean? Was their shit and piss all over the walls like a murder scene just happened? Did they have a steroid rage and destroyed the bathroom? Was there rough fucking happening in the bathroom? My imagination is spinning on leaving a bathroom un-usable means.

I would say that I would love to party with these crazy bastards, but I’m way too much of a pussy, and I’m downright scared. Falling to peer pressure is easy enough; you add in a group of drunk Australian rugby players, and it becomes too easy. I want a camera crew to be following them around; an average night with the rugby team would make old; I’m Schmacked videos look like a bunch of bitches.

Written by Mailman Dave

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