The Benefits Of A Weekday Bar Push

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Two friends hanging out and drinking in a stylish bar together.

On the weekend’s everybody always goes out. The bad broads, the weird kid at the end of your dorm hall, and maybe even your professor who fails you go out on the weekend. In essence, the weekend is always packed, and it’s a blast. But if you ever grow tired of the weekends, and you want to get away from the horny sorority chicks and all the other degenerate drunks. You need to start experiencing a nice weekday out with the fellas.

Going out on a weekday is a completely different beast. On the weekends a shitty bartender may take 10 to 15 minutes to serve you a piss-poor excuse of a rum and coke. But if you go out on a weekday you may get that shitty rum and coke in 2 to 3 minutes. The bars on weekdays essentially turn into an old woman’s gooch dry and empty. And it’s absolutely perfect, you may actually be able to have an actual conversation with your friends, and maybe if you are feeling bold maybe have a conversation with a female.

You can listen to actual good music other than the same three 21 Savage and Metro Boomin songs on repeat. Become friends with the weekday bartenders and see if you can finesse a couple of free drinks on a weekend possibly. The weekdays provide endless possibilities that the weekends just can’t provide.

I’ve slowly started to realize that a packed bar or club absolutely sucks. Paying 15 dollars for a mixed drink just to have half of it spilled on the floor by the time you get back to the boys is just not fun. On a weekday none of that happens you actually can sit down enjoy yourself and get drunk in half the time and actually experience a change of pace from sorority chicks and rival frat guys trying to get laid.

Sure your grades might get worse, and you might develop a small alcohol addiction but it’s worth it at the end of the day. Go out get hammered and actually conversate with your friends. Experience the weekdays and fuck the weekends. 

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