The Benefits Of Owning A Shitty Car

Photo taken in Los Angeles, United States

As a college student I and virtually every other college student around the country are broke as fuck trying to make ends meet to make it to another drunken weekend. But at least for me there is nothing that tells people more than “damn this motherfucker is broke as hell” than my beautiful beat-up old 1997 Pontiac Grand Prix.

Let me give you a back story on this beauty of a ride I get to drive in every day, originally I bought this son of a bitch from my drunk old neighbor down the street for 2 grand and an ounce of weed. Little did I know the trouble I was getting into buying this bad boy. There were 200,000 miles already on it from when I bought it, oil was leaking in the engine, and power steering was starting to go away and still to this day has not fully gotten fixed. Add in the tires being damn near worn down to the rim, this baby had some character that I absolutely loved.

Driving this son of a bitch off the lot was one hell of a challenge, but damn was it fucking glorious. The amount of utility you get out of a shitty car like mine in my opinion is way better than having a fancy expensive ass car. I can hotbox that son of a bitch anytime I want, I never get pulled over for speeding as my car starts to give me a death rattle if it goes above 60, and I make half of my campus smell like shit because my ride is constantly burning gas.

While yes there are times I would love to have a working air conditioner and power steering. There is just more character that you get in a beat-up old piece of shit car like I got than you will ever get in a more expensive car.          

Written by Nolan Breslin

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