The Best Insulting Nicknames For Fraternities And Sororities

Every fraternity and sorority has at least one cruel and demeaning nickname. I’ve compiled the best of them below. Read up and arm yourself for the next intramural game against another fraternity or breakup with a sorority girl.


Alpha Delta Phi

Shady Phi

Alpha Epsilon Pi

Always Eat Penis

Alpha Tau Omega

Asshole Training Organization
ATO Not The Way To Go
AT Blow

Beta Theta Pi

Beta Date-A-Guy
Baked Potato Pi

Delta Tau Delta

DTD Squats To Pee
Dicks Touching Dicks

Delta Upsilon

Delta Oops I Joined The Wrong Fraternity
Douche Users
Smelta Poopsilon

Zeta Beta Tau

Zany Bagel Throwers
Zero Bitches There

Kappa Alpha Order

Klan Affiliate
Kappa Alpha Disorder

Kappa Sigma

Kappa Sketch
Kappa Twig
Kapp Squids

Lambda Chi Alpha

Rammed A Guy
Lambda Al-Qaeda
Lambda Chi Guy-On-Guy

Pi Kappa Alpha

Pi Kappa Anyone

Pi Kappa Phi

Pi Kappa Bi
Pi Krappa Phi

Sigma Alpha Epsilon

Somebody, Anybody, Everybody
Suck All Erections
SAE Bids For Free
Sigma Ass Eaters

Sigma Nu

Sigma Who?
Sig Noodle
Sendyou Nudes

Sigma Pi

Sigma Pissed I Joined This Frat
Smegma Pi
Sigma Why
A Collection Of Dildos

Sigma Phi Epsilon

Sigma Phi Hair Salon

Tau Kappa Epsilon

If You Can’t Go Greek, Go Teke
If You Can’t Go Teke, Go Home
Teke It In The Ass

FIJI (Phi Gamma Delta)

Fuck I Joined It


Alpha Gamma Delta

Always Go Down
AIDS God Dammit
Any Guy’s Dick

Alpha Delta Pi

Alabama Dog Pound
Another Dirty Pussy
Ate A Pie
Eighty Pound Thighs
Animals, Dogs, Pigs

Alpha Omicron Pi

Apes On Parade
Always Open Pussies
Yayo Pi

Alpha Phi

All For Free
Alpha Feed Me
Alpha Phi It Burns When I Pee
Alpha Feces

Alpha Chi Omega

Almost Chi O
Alpha Chi Ho-mega

Gamma Phi Beta

Jamma Vi-brator

Delta Gamma

Dick Gobblers
Dirty Girls
Nothing Goes Down Faster Than An Anchor
Dick Garage

Delta Delta Delta

Tri A Delta, Everyone Else Has
If You Can’t Get A Bid, Tri Delta
Thigh Felt

Delta Zeta

Easy DZs
Deezees On Their Kneesies

Delta Phi Epsilon

Daddy Pays For Everything
The Dog Pound
Drama Phi Epsilon
Donkey Fucked An Elephant

Zeta Tau Alpha

Zits, Tits, Ass
Hold My Crown While I Go Down
Zoo-Trained Animals

Kappa Delta

Keg Drainers
Kampus Dogs
Kappa Dyke
Kum Dumpsters
Kookies And Doughnuts

Kappa Kappa Gamma

Katcha Katcha Gonorrhea
King Kong’s Gooch
Krispy Kream Grabbers
KKG Goes Down On Their Knees

Pi Beta Phi

Makes The Cum Fly
Pry Open My Thighs
Plump But Pretty
Unzip Your Fly, Here Comes A Pi Phi
Pi Beta Plastic

Sigma Delta Tau

Seldom Date Twice
Spend Daddy’s Trillions
Stumpy Dumpy Trolls
Slutty Daughters Of The Torah

Sigma Kappa

Sigma Kattle
Smegma Krappa
Single Koke Whore
You Can’t Spell Skank Without SK

Sigma Sigma Sigma

Tri Pigs
Tri Stigma

Phi Mu

Phi Mooo

Chi Omega

Chi Hoes
Chi O, Chi O, It’s Off To Bed We Go
Cult Omega.

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Written by TFM

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