The Best Movies To Watch On 420

It’s a national holiday today, and the best way to celebrate is to get stoned off your ass and melt into the couch. If you’re a casual smoker or one that sounds like a goddamn scientist, everybody can enjoy smoking some electric lettuce. No parties or any spectacular shit is happening for 420, but smoking weed and watch movies is what the holiday is all about. Here are the best stoner movies to watch today.

Pineapple Express

You know that you’ve been super stoned before and have tried to make a cross joint. Nobody is ever skilled enough, and you end up spilling weed everywhere. You pick weed from the carpet and put it in a pipe and hoping and praying that you’re not smoking random shit that you picked from the carpet. This was the first stoner movie that made stoners love Seth Rogen and James Franco. If this movie were real, these stoners would die so fast, no way that people this high could go against hitmen.

Where to watch: Vudu for free, and you can rent on amazon prime.

How High

This is the ultimate stoner idea; what if we used ashes as fertilizer and then smoked it? I bet some crazy shit would happen. In reality, nothing would happen, and your plants would probably die. Also, it’s pretty fucked up, not as bad as Keith Richards snorting his father’s ashes. The best part of this movie is this scene. My friend and I would do this to each other randomly when passing a joint, and good god, did we think it was the funniest shit.

Getting to watch Method Man and Red Man as funny stoners is great, and like all of these movies you don’t have to think to hard to get the plot.

Where to watch: Free on Starz, and FuboTv.

Dazed And Confused

Regardless if you’re high or not, I fucking love this movie. I was 100% one of those people who thought they were born in the wrong era. I wanted to be a teenager in the 70s; I loved the music and the cars. This movie is filled with stars before they were big. You have Matthew McConaughey and Ben Affleck. If you grew up in a small town, this movie brings you back to high school summers. Every small town has its water tower. For my town, it was the Peninsula trail; every summer, there would be underage parties happening with kids throwing up after drinking too much Svedka. When you’re baked out of your mind, everybody sounds like Slater.

Where to watch: Free on Amazon Prime

Harold And Kumar Go To White Castle

The munchies a stoners kryptonite; everybody has been there. You want food, but nothing you have sounds good. You go on a long, unforgiving quest to find delicious food. Nothing happens that’s as crazy as what happened to Harold and Kumar, but while you’re stoned, going anywhere is a quest that one should not take lightly. Warning while watching this movie, especially if you’re stoned, you will want to down 20 little tiny delicious sliders. Speaking from experience, there’s never enough sliders. Always order double. This wouldn’t be a movie in 2021 now, you can go on your phone and get hundreds of options at your fingertips, but that’s no fun.

Where to watch: For free on Starz, and FuboTv

Half Baked

I mean, it’s Dave Chapelle. That’s all I should have to say. The iconic scene “Fuck you, Fuck you, Fuck you, you’re cool I’m out.” is from this movie.

Where to watch: No where for free, but can rent on Amazon.

While you’re stoned today you know you’ll want this shirt.

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