The Best Pranks to Pull on Your Friends

One of the best ways to bond in a group of guys is to pull a small little prank on one another every once in a while. It’s a great way to get everyone to laugh at the same thing, and it leaves great stories to be told for years to come. Here are some of my favorites:

The Old Debt Dilemma

This prank is most easily pulled on someone that you live with or someone that gives you lots of access to his personal belongings and information. That’s because the first step of “The Old Debt Dilemma” is to steal your friend’s identity. After that, it’s pretty simple: just apply for a bunch of credit cards and buy lots of stuff that you want – the more expensive the better. When you don’t pay off any of the credit cards, it will leave him in a crippling financial crisis that could ruin his life. He’ll be so pranked.

The Secret Snip

Does one of your buddies always talk about how excited he is to have kids one day? Well, there’s one long term prank that will totally get him good: the secret snip. It’s a bit elaborate, but if you can somehow find a way to get him a vasectomy without his knowledge, he’ll end up completely sterile and will never be able to live out his dream of becoming a father. That’s pretty classic.

The Condom Conundrum

If you don’t have a friend to pull the last prank on, I’m sure you can use this one. There’s always that friend that’s constantly bringing back Hinge dates that he’ll never see again, and if you want to teach him a lesson using a hilarious practical joke, just sneak into his room when he’s out and get your hands on his condom supply. Using a needle or a thumb tack, poke holes in the whole stash, and nine months later he’ll have to get a union job to support his unplanned child. Surprise!

Hobo Habitat

You’ll most likely need to be roommates with the friend that is on the receiving end of this prank because it requires keys to where he lives. Other than that, it’s simple. When your boy is away for a little while, just go hunting for a hobo and offer him a room in your house. He doesn’t have a place to live, so he’ll jump at that offer. From there, let that street dweller loose in your friend’s room. Imagine how pranked he’ll be when he comes home to find a dirty old hobo sleeping in his bed.

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