The Best Way to Torture Your Friends

This sound is officially the best legal way to torture people.

Shitty TikToker of the week: Berries and Cream

Does anyone else have that one friend who watches TikToks around you? I don’t mean casually scrolling through the app for a minute or two, I mean 30-40 minutes of full volume brain-numbing sounds that repeat 5-10 times because they either didn’t get the joke or it’s clearly a sound that has a girl dancing to it. They have no self-awareness of what’s going on around them. I’ll admit it I have my fair share of stuff I watch that, to an outside perspective, could be viewed as annoying. From a comedian screaming jokes to Andy Sandberg in Brooklyn 99 bouncing around that show like a seagull looking for food at the beach. The difference is, I would never subject the people around me to the confusion of watching something that you can’t see or don’t really care about. (just to clarify, I do like Brooklyn 99… but that’s another blog). The worst thing about these TikTok terrorists is that they do this WHILE hanging out. Like you and a couple of friends are casually talking or watching TV when all of a sudden, you hear the screeching siren call of the newest TikTok trend. And it’s ALWAYS at full volume. It’s like they want you to look over and pay attention to them. Like this:

Sorry for the shameless plug and pedo mustache but it’s pretty accurate. All of these sounds are the same. 50% of them are a new dance and 50% are the same kind of joke you see being used and tossed out every month. This “Berries and Cream” sound is just the worst amount of both. Some use this sound and do the funny little dance that it comes from… how silly. 


just a little lad who loves berries and cream 🍓😌 #berriesandcream #statefair #fypシ

♬ original sound – Justin McElroy

It’s funny because it sounds weird and it’s a funny dance and then he did the dance so that means he is also funny and deserving of 1.4 MILLION views. On the flip side, the joke that comes with this sound is another one of the… how do I describe it… you know the kind of joke I’m talking about. It’s the “here’s me doing something normal and then a dramatic change for comedic effect” kind of joke.


It’s berries and cream and “good soup” on 🔁 in this brain. #ShowYourGlow #fypシ

♬ original sound – Justin McElroy

Just to be clear, I don’t have a problem with people who make those kinds of jokes on TikTok because it’s just part of the algorithmic grind to be noticed, but I DO have a problem specifically with hearing this sound every 20 seconds of my life. I swear it sounds like I am a freshman again being hazed by my fraternity. I’m just kidding, my fraternity did not haze me… but hypothetically if they did I think playing a repeat of this sound with maybe the iPhone alarm noise at the same time on repeat for 4 hours would be a very good hazing idea. Again, fraternities DO NOT HAZE… but hypothetically I think it would be fun to have a pledge who has to do this and any TikTok dance on command as a pledge job. Hypothetically, I could see this happening in the middle of class or at a party when he is talking to a girl… hypothetically.

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