The Bike Chibs Should Have Had (But Never Got)

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Chibs is one of the most beloved characters in Sons of Anarchy. With his Glasgow accent and distinct facial scars, Tommy Flannagan gives realism and edge to the only U.K. born SAMCRO member. An outlaw through and through, Chibs was a member of the True IRA. He was also one of the first prospects of SAMBEL. His main ride of choice is a Dyna Street Bob from Harley Davidson. But there is a different bike. Nay, a better bike, that he should have acquired as the series progressed.

A true highlander

The bike is raw. No room for bullshit- just like Chibs himself. He forgoes drag fairing, and other than the z-bars, his bike is stock. The future president of SAMCRO is a practical man. He takes a low key approach to life, business, and his ride. Throughout the show, Chibs is one of the most reliable men in the club. A valuable asset, a good friend, and undeniably lethal. Sutter was brilliant in that he tried to give each character a ride that matched their personality. However, he didn’t go as far as he could have with our favorite Scottish biker.

MC culture insists all bikes their adherents possess are American. This dates back to the foundation of the culture. Veterans coming back from the second world war skewed patriotic. They didn’t want to buy foreign bikes, so they stuck with Harley Davidson. This dynamic is present in the show. Most of the characters are seen riding Harley bikes. But Chib isn’t like the other characters. He grew up in Glasgow, ran with the IRA. He was a prospect of SAMBEL, not SAMCRO. As the president of the mother chapter, he deserves a bike that reflects both his age and his roots. 

Without further ado, the bike that Chibs SHOULD have ridden….

Is a Black Vincent.

Vincent motorcycles are almost non-existent. Just like Jax Teller’s ‘46 knucklehead. They’re the stuff of British legend. Aloof and iconic. In addition, Vincent rides were once the fastest machines in the world. They could crack a hundred miles when other bikes couldn’t dream of it. The U.S National speed record was set on one, back in 1946, when Rollie Free hit 150 MPH on the Bonneville Salt Flats. They’re also a staple of pop culture. Singer-songwriter Richard Thompson immortalized them with his song “1952 Vincent Black Lightning”. The bike is deeply connected to U.K. culture, extremely beautiful, and a perfect fit for Flanagan’s beloved character. 

Rollie Free setting the record for motorcycle speed in 1946

But would such an old bike stack up against a show full of modern rides? There are a few things to consider. First, Chibs has always swapped his Dyna for a Street Glide on long runs. His day to day rides about Charming wouldn’t be disrupted by the switch. Jax has no problems cruising on his father’s vintage Harley- despite the fact they’re notoriously prone to issue. Also, Vincent bikes are fast. Really fast. They got up to 150 miles back in the fifties. When would Chibs realistically have to get up to that kind of speed anyway? On his home turf, at least. Plus, Harley bikes have never been renowned for their speed. If you wanna go fast, go Japanese.

Imagine what could have been….

Giving Chibs a Vincent would be a unique and awesome way to throw back to his (and Flanagan’s) roots. It would bring some variance and unique history to the show.

But most importantly….

It would have been awesome!

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