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The Chinese proved they can bomb us whenever they want

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What is shocking to me about the Chinese balloon saga is nobody is talking about the fact that China just proved they can bomb us whenever they want and our government won’t do anything about it. For god sake, that balloon could have easily been laden with explosives to drop all over our country. The fact that China just floated a goddamn balloon all the way from Alaska and down to South Carolina and NORAD did pretty much nothing about it is mind-boggling to me. Furthermore, our government’s excuse as to why they wouldn’t shoot it out of the f&ckin sky is because they didn’t want the debris causing casualties on the ground. So you are telling me, there is not a single uninhabited piece of land BETWEEN ALASKA AND MONTANA?! All I know is this, we used to be such a badass country, putting men on the moon, winning world wars, and crushing other countries on the world stage. Now we allow a bunch of slimy little communists to float a glorified weather balloon all the way across our country, get it together joe. 

Written by GI Josh

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