The Clintons and Mena, Arkansas

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Bill Clinton Mena Arkansas Bill Clinton Mena Arkansas Bill Clinton Mena Arkansas Bill Clinton Mena Arkansas

Every day, there’s a new article published about RFK Jr. and his dangerous conspiracy theories. From correctly pointing out that the world’s largest media institutions came together to agree on a central narrative they would spread about COVID to correctly calling out big pharma’s robust advertising budget and even spreading factual misinformation regarding the CIA’s historical ties with journalists, RFK is telling the truth at an alarming and irresponsible rate.

To celebrate the media and federal government doing everything they can to stop this man from becoming the next President of the United States, I want to roll back time a little bit and spend the next few minutes talking about a family of honest Democrats who the media has almost always loved, the Clintons.

I want to take you back to the Summer of 1996. Bill Clinton is President, anti-smoking ads are all over TV, and Gary Webb, a small-town journalist out of California, has just published a report that the CIA knowingly funded an anti-communist Contra army in Nicaragua the decade prior through the dirtiest means possible, crack cocaine. Yes, you heard me correctly. A small army in Nicaragua, the size of a liberal arts school, was funded by drug dealers the Central Intelligence Agency let distribute in our backyard. The CIA made this arrangement because they knew that Congress wouldn’t approve funding rebels who would potentially get us into another war. Which, in all fairness, they were right about.

They protected the drug traffickers with deep pockets as long as SOME, not all, of their money went to help an anti-communist group 3,000 miles away. At the same time, the black community, which had made progress through the sixties and seventies, was stripped of any progress made. The CIA then used its vast resources to destroy Gary Webb’s life, and he eventually committed suicide by putting two bullets in his head- interesting. But what does this have to do with the Clintons? 

Before he was President, Bill Clinton was, of course, the governor of Arkansas. When he first became governor, his wife Hillary got really lucky by engaging in a series of cattle futures contracts that netted her nearly $100,000 (equivalent to $403,209.54 in 2023), off of a one-thousand dollar investment in spite of the fact she had no knowledge of the industry. But that’s peanuts. We know that most politicians use their spouses to insider trade; it’s nothing new. As I said earlier, this was the 1980s. This was a time when crack cocaine was running more rampant than iced coffee through a white girls’ bowels in the black community.

In 1982, a drug trafficker named Barry Seal, the man on whom the movie American Made is based, relocated his operation to a small town called Mena, Arkansas. A 1986 letter from Louisiana’s attorney general to U.S. Attorney General Ed Meese would later reveal that Seal smuggled between $3 billion and $5 billion worth of drugs into the U.S., much of which was trafficked through the Mena airstrip. 

Did Bill Clinton know about this while it was happening in his state? According to Bill Clinton’s personal bodyguard and close friend, LD Brown, absolutely. In fact, Clinton even had Brown apply to the CIA, where he would join Barry Seal on a voyage to drop off assault rifles to the Contra fighters. When Brown returned from the trip, he was viscerally upset and confronted Clinton about what was going on with Barry Seal, The CIA, and Mena, Arkansas. Clinton responded by saying that’s Lasater’s deal

Lasater refers to Dan Lasater, the best friend of Bill’s half-brother Roger Clinton, and the founder of Ponderosa Steakhouse. And besides being a donor to his family friend’s campaigns, Lasater is the man organizing the Mena airstrip and making sure his own giant drug operation is thriving in tandem with the CIA’s. Lasater was arrested on a sweetheart charge of conspiracy to distribute cocaine to his friends and work associates. And In 1990, after serving just six months in prison, Bill Clinton pardoned Lasater, and he would go on to serve as the chairman of Phoenix Mortgage Company. A few years later, his right-hand woman and accomplice Patsy Thomasson would become a White House aide to Bill Clinton. After hearing news of his death, she would also be the first person to enter Vince Foster’s office.

In 1994, Lasater’s attorney, Gandy Baugh, would commit suicide. A month later, so would his law partner.

Just to summarize, Bill Clinton used his drug-fueled brother’s dirty friend Dan Lasater to show the federal agencies running this country in the shadows that he wasn’t afraid to play ball while Lasater was also giving him money for his political campaigns. How did this affect the black community?

By 1989, one in every four African American males aged twenty to twenty-nine was either incarcerated, on probation, or on parole. From 1960, the percentage of African American children living in two-parent households plummeted from two-thirds to a low of one-third in the mid-1990s. Consequently, the prevalence of African American children living with their mothers increased from 20% in 1960 to over 50% in the 1980s and 1990s. Those Moms had to get most of the time low-paying jobs to support their children, and because of their record, those men struggled to re-enter the workforce, and you all already know the rest of the issues that continue to plague the black community to this day unless you somehow lived without Wifi after the death of George Floyd.

Here’s the cherry on top. In 1995, the year before Gary Webb exposed the truth on all of this stuff, another major drug trafficker, Jorge Cabrera, had donated so much money to the DNC that he was able to snag this picture with the First Lady at the White House Christmas Party.

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