The Dallas Cowboys Dropped The Bag For Dak Prescott

Jerry Jones wasn’t going to do it. He was going to the stubborn guy at the party who keeps telling you that he’s not that drunk as he can’t stand, and his clothing is covered in piss and vomit. He finally gave in. He was the girl in the DM’s who finally responded after weeks of ghosting you. Dak got a 4 year $160 million deal today. Is this article going to be biased because I’m an Eagles fan? Fuck yes, it is, and as an Eagles fan, I want to buy Jerry a beer at the bar.

Dak is now the 2nd highest-paid quarterback in the entire league. He makes only $5 million less than Patrick Mahomes. One of the most talented quarterbacks in history will only be making a little more than Dak, who I don’t think has been mentioned in the same sentence as the word talent. In my opinion, Dak is a fine quarterback if you build correctly around him. The Cowboys keep trying to build around him while giving him more and more talent, and it’s the same result for Cowboys fans. The Cowboys last year added CeeDee Lamb. While already having Amari Cooper, you can’t say that the wide receiver core is the Cowboys issue. They handed out a huge contract to Zeke Elliott, who looked like he spent that money on hot pockets and Twinkies.

The crazy thing is that the Cowboys could’ve traded for Russell Wilson, a much better quarterback, and still have an extra $7 million to spend on a defense that has been trash for many years. I’ve seen rumors that the reason Jerry gave Dak this huge deal is that he knows something that the rest of us don’t. The tv rights are up after this year, and maybe Jerry knows that paying $160 million for 4 years will be chump change in a couple of years. I hope that it’s old man Jerry is losing a couple of marbles, and he thinks that the new tv rights will be huge, and he’s dead wrong. I hope and pray that this Dak contract is horrible. That’ll be in the John Wall realm of bad contracts.

I know that I’m not really in the position to talk much shit after my Eagles are in full rebuild mode. Regardless of the Eagles only win 1 game a year, I’ll at least not be a Cowboys fan. Oh, and since Carson Wentz is no longer on the Eagles, I shouldn’t really stand up for him anymore. I’ll say this Wentz is a much much quarterback than Dak Prescott will ever be.

P.S. Can you imagine the feeling of signing a $66 million signing bonus? I get pumped finding a random $20 in a pocket of dirty jeans. I don’t know how it would be possible not to go absolutely fucking insane after getting that much money after a couple of pen strokes.

Written by Mailman Dave

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