The Deer District Is Packing 65K People In Tonight And Be Prepared For Insanity

First, it was Jurassic Park that crammed thousands of people outside as they watched Kawhi Leonard lead them to a Finals victory. Now we have the Deer District in Milwaukee. This isn’t something new I’ve written about the Deer District after they clinched their ticket to the NBA Finals, but this time they’ve amped it up to 65 thousand people. Getting a drink or needing to go to the bathroom must be a nightmare here. Supposedly near the edges they have beer stands, and I’m assuming that there are porta-potties around as well, but god damn. How are you supposed to wrestle around 65 thousand people who are probably drunk as shit already, and good luck trying to get your spot back. These people are going to be thirsty and covered in piss by the time the game ends. Hey if the Bucks win you’ll be happy as you are covered in piss, but if they lose that’s a tough ride home.

I don’t know how fun it would be to watch a game there. I know the atmosphere would be amazing, but the actual visual experiment would be brutal. My crippled ass can’t stand for longer than 5 minutes without feeling like my leg is going to give out. Regardless if the Bucks win or lose tonight, I know I’m going to get some A+ content from the Deer District.

Written by Mailman Dave

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