The Different Kind of People in a Big Lecture Hall

Large group of college students sitting in amphitheatre and listening to a lecture. Focus is on bored young man using smart phone and text messaging.

If you’ve ever sat in the back of a big lecture hall, then you know you’re able to see everything in front of you pretty easily. It’s not hard to see what people are doing, and honestly mesmerizing how many people don’t pay attention to the professor.

The first kind of people you will notice are those who actually are paying attention. They are looking and listening to the professor while also looking down constantly to take notes. Nearly all of the kids in the front are doing this, and you can bet that these kids are either smart, or not smart enough to pass without paying attention.

You will see girls shopping. So many girls shopping for literally everything on their laptops. Looking through countless items and honestly probably purchasing them like it’s nothing on somebody’s card. It’ll be literally everything too. Usually clothes, but I’ve had girls in classes next to me shopping for all sorts of things from apartment appliances to animals. 

There is a myth at my school, which really might not be a myth, that there is always at least one kid in a lecture who is locked into the online casino. They have their laptop up and they’re either playing blackjack or roulette while the professor tries to teach. Not a bad way to way to waste time, but a great way to waste money. If you’re ever this person, I wish you luck in all of your endeavors.

A few people are always sleeping in lectures too. Doesn’t even matter if it’s late in the day. It gets so boring that there’s always a couple people who just can’t keep their eyes open. Early in the morning? Forget about it. I feel like for half of the people there, the motivation to go to class is so they can get there and sleep more.

It really doesn’t matter what kind of person you are in a big lecture hall. As long as you’re not causing a scene, nobody really cares. And as long as you’re not failing the class, you should be fine. Hey, you could even hop on the blackjack table and make back some of your tuition…

Written by Jett

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