The Frat Dictionary

Tobacco cigarettes; a term usually used by fraternity members of northeastern descent.
“Pledge, get me a boge in ten seconds or I’ll shit in a box and mail it to your family.”

To remove a pledge from association with the chapter.
“Brian got drunk on the night he was supposed to sober drive, so we’re going to blackball him next chapter after standing him in front of the room and throwing things at him.”

Blue Chip:
Maintains exceptional rapport as a rushee; WASPY-looking and good with girls; placed at the top of the bid list.
“Did you meet Parks Detweiler at the party last night?”
“Yeah man, he was laying some serious game on that chick…probably talking about his parents vacation home in the Hamptons. He’s blue chip as fuck.”

A term fraternity men at colleges in the deep south use for acting foolish.
“We boolin’ out at the house later.”

Burn Pledge:
A pledge that the brothers know will fuck up and get dropped, and is used as an example for the rest of the pledge class.
“Remember that tool with earrings who said ‘crush puss’ multiple times? Let’s bid him as a Burn Pledge.”

To leap into the air, tuck the legs, and land on a brother who has passed out on the couch.
“I’ll be canonballing every one of you assholes who passes out with his shoes on tonight.”

A party taking place during the daytime.
“Hey man, it’s a three-day weekend. Darty at my place on Sunday?”

A brother who is known for getting drunk and wandering aimlessly throughout the campus and city.
“Did you hear about Bill? Dude woke up buck naked in a bush on the other side of town.”
“What a fratabond.”

Frat Lap:
To cruise around campus in the bed of a pickup truck with your brothers and yell at people, usually while brandishing paddles.
“I saw those toolbags in Beta taking a frat lap and I hoped their truck overturned.”

Frat Rat:
A girl who always hangs out with the fraternity; considers herself “one of the bros” when in reality, she’s more of a neighborhood bike.
“That Casey girl is always hanging out at the house, I’m pretty sure she’s fucked half the chapter.”
“Yeah, she’s a total frat rat.”

Frat Swoop:
The gentle curve of thick, luscious bangs on a fraternity man; major turn on for freshmen girls who are just barely leaving the boy band phase.
“I put on a backwards cap to keep my frat swoop in place.”

Frat Castle:
The mansion your fraternity resides in.
“It’s great to spend about a year living in the frat castle. Any longer than that, and your grades will start to plummet.”

The porch connected to the Frat Castle; usually littered with cigs and empties; increases in size the further south a house is located.
“Let’s chief a cig on the fratio after this beer.”

Frat Water:
Cheap beer purchased in pallets or kegs for house parties.
“Send a pledge to get more frat water; the keg’s dry.”

A front pocket on a t-shirt used for storing either a can of frat water or vomit.
“Why do we have these frockets on our shirts? They’re kinda useless.”

Fuck Trophy:
An infant human.
“Brandon forgot to wrap it with a super religious chick and now he’s got a fuck trophy.”

When a pledge has to perch himself on a stool in the corner of the room in an uncomfortable pose while making a face like a gargoyle.
“Gargoyle for 15, you failed abortion.”

A Goddamn Independent; a person not affiliated with Greek life.
“I tripped some GDI on a longboard on my way to class yesterday.”

Short for “Goober,” a male lacking any sign of physical development or indication his balls have retreated from his stomach.
“I’d say I want to punch you in the chin if you had one, you Ernie-from-Sesame-Street-looking goob.”

To be highly intoxicated on alcohol.
“I had like five pitchers and got so gurked.”

The unsanitary underground floor of an off-campus house reserved for pledge education.
“Hazement in five minutes, pussies.”

The process of surprising a brother with a Smirnoff Ice, which he must promptly drop to a knee and chug.
“I got creative with my icing and taped it to the bottom of the house toilet seat.”

Iron Man:
To wrap someone who is passed out in tinfoil.
“I passed out early last night and got Iron Manned.”

A sorority woman who is largely overweight; usually a legacy.
“Dude, did you go home with that whale in Phi-Mu last night?”
“Yeah, she was a total monstrostitute. Best head of my life, though.”


The bane of your existence. They act like they’re there for you, but really, they’re just trying to maintain the pyramid scheme they created and will throw you under the bus at the first hint of liability.
“Nationals are coming tomorrow. Hide everything.”

Pledge Cocktail:
A mixture of dip spit, bong water, sour milk, and whatever else the brothers can find, concocted for pledge consumption as a rite of passage.
“Do you think we’re going to actually have to drink a Pledge Cocktail?”

A Newly Initiated Brother.
“Pledging’s over. Congrats, you’re in! Now pick me up in 15, NIB.”

To take a large swig from a handle of liquor; to attract lots of women.
“When I pull lots of Fireball, I feel like I can pull twice as many girls.”

Someone of weak mental and physical fortitude; the member of another fraternity.
“Don’t be a pussy and run head first through that door. You won’t.”

Short for “PJ” or “Party Juice.” Consists of powdered Kool Aid and cheap vodka.
“Run to the store and get another handle of Taaka. This Peej is weak.”

Something you tell your fraternity brothers you did every time you hook up regardless of whether or not penetration occurred.
“What, me? Yeah I’ve had the sex. I’ve done the sex tons of times.”

The act of a female spending the night in a fraternity house.
“She’ll be shacking in my room tonight after I show her my fish tank.”

To sing a song for sorority women from the front lawn of their chapter house in an effort to court them.
“We serenaded them with an acoustic rendition of “Get Low.” Don’t know why they didn’t pick us for homecoming.”

Stride of Pride:
To walk home from a one-night-stand with your head held high and a blissful kick in your step.
“It’s not a walk of shame. You got laid. Be happy. It’s a stride of pride.”

A female.
“Everybody hit up every sloot you know for the party tomorrow night.”

Sloot Caboose:
An obese woman who follows her attractive friends around; will cockblock you unless you get a desperate (or devoted) friend to hop on it.
“You owe me, man. Take the sloot caboose.”

Walrus Fight:
When two pledges lie on their stomachs with their backs arched side-by-side, then slam into each other as hard as possible while screaming “ARF ARF ARF ARF ARF!”
“You two, get in the hazement for a Walrus Fight. Now.”

Puke; probably derived from someone who was too drunk to pronounce his “P’s.”
“I’m sorry I yuked in your purse, Christina. You wanna… hup… get outta here?”.

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