The Fraternity Health and Safety Guy is an Unsung Hero

Portrait of man bringing food to table during backyard party with friends on summer evening

The health and safety guy on your fraternity’s exec is the most important man when it comes to throwing parties. To be completely honest I kind of always ridiculed our guy and thought his job was kind of pointless. That all changed after last night and I gained a newfound respect for both the man and the office he holds. This all went down last night, my fraternity had rented out the bar I am a bouncer at and everything was going well. It was cool to see everybody I work with, and my fraternity all under one roof. Then the townies showed up, and four, forty-year-old men showed up trying to get into the bar. When our health and safety guy explained that this was a private event, they got pretty upset and had to be tossed out by myself, health and safety, the general manager of the bar, and the other bouncers. We all thought the situation was over until they came back with knives, I won’t go into too much detail but none of our guys got hurt and those townies definitely paid the price. Our health and safety guy had enough of a backbone to tell four guys bigger than him getting in his face to f*ck off, he got the police and helped us out in dealing with those guys when he needed to. I will never make fun of that exec position ever again and next time you see your fraternity’s health and safety guy, go dap him up and buy him a beer. 

Written by GI Josh

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