The Gap is Suing Kanye

Kanye West cut ties with The Gap back in September after a failed collaboration with a brand I thought only sold Fourth of July shirts for small children. Kanye claimed that Gap didn’t release his clothing line as they had agreed on and that no stores were opened to specifically promote his merchandise, so with a letter from his lawyers, he kicked them to the curb.

Now, Gap is going back at Ye with a lawsuit for over $2 million. The Gap opened up a store in a building owned by Art Center City that was meant to be a storefront for the Yeezy clothing line. The building went through tons of renovations in order to prepare for the opening of the store, but that was all rendered pointless when the partnership ended. Now, due to the extensive changes the building had done, Art City Center is suing Gap over the costs to change it back. The Gap is taking that case right over to Kanye, who they claim is the one that should be responsible for footing the bill.

The Gap claims that their contract with Kanye called for them never being held liable for anything like this that may come in the future, which was a pretty smart call on their part as Kanye has been a little bit controversial in the news the past few years. Their suit against the rapper is meant to cover what they think they will have to pay back to Art City Center as well as covering their own legal fees.

I guess The Gap is in the right here, but honestly what did you expect to happen? At a certain point it kind of becomes on you for partnering with one of the most erratic, polarizing figures in the world. I personally DMed Kanye to see if he had any comments on the matter, but it seems he isn’t interested in giving any information to reputable journalists such as myself.

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